Sea Scallops
Placopecten magellanicus

We can offer sea scallop sizes: U-10 ct / lb, 10-20 ct / lb and 20-30 ct / lb land frozen and frozen at sea scallops.

  • Sea Scallops are harvested in the USA and Canadian waters.  The USA harvest for 2012 was 65 million (3,000 MT) pounds of scallop meats. The new season of sea scallops will start March 1, 2013. The US scallop fleet has 325 vessels plus dozens of smaller inshore vessels.
  • The USA scallop fishery is well managed and sustainable. The yearly landings have been consistent, between 45 to 63 million pounds of scallop meat since 2002.
  • Scallops are dredged from the ocean floor using a raking system.
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Dredging Schucking

Bay Scallops
Argopecten irradians

Bay Scallops are sourced directly from the Chinese producer. We have formed a joint venture with a Chinese scallop processor Qinhuangdao Jiangxin Aquatic Food Products, so you can buy Bay Scallops directly from the source.

  • In 1984 small Bay Scallops from Nantucket, MA, were flown to Eastern China. They were planted in the ocean and harvested the following year. This began the Bay Scallop business in China.
  • Bay Scallops live approximately two years and can grow to a size of 60-80 count (meats per pound).
  • Every spring the seed scallops are raised in fiberglass holding tanks and then are planted in the ocean.
  • The scallops are harvested from late October to the end of January. By the end of January, all scallops are out of the water, as they will not live through the winter. Live scallops are kept in the fiberglass tanks to re-produce during the winter for planting in the spring.

Black Cod
Anoplopoma fimbria

Most Black cod are longlined during March and November in the cold, deep waters of the Bering Sea or in the Gulf of Alaska where the world’s largest Black cod population exists. Black cod are usually frozen in the headed and gutted form. Although Black cod does resemble cod, it does not belong to the codfish family. The average commercially caught Black cod measures about two feet long and weighs less than 10 pounds. We can offer H&G Back Cod and Black Cod Fillets in vacuum pack sleeves. Size range 700 gram to 1300 gram fillets.

Lophius americanus

Monkfish or goosefish are harvested in the waters east and south of Cape Cod to New York on Day boats using 12 inch mess gill net. This fishery is selective and well managed by the State and Federal Fisheries Management Council. Monkfish are available as whole fish, tails and fillets.


Homarus Americanus

American Lobster is harvested from the USA and Canadian waters. We can offer frozen whole cooked, frozen raw, Popsicle and raw lobster tails, raw HPP lobster meat and cooked lobster.

Snow Crab
Chionoecetes opilio

Canadian snow crab clusters are caught by commercial fishing vessels in the Gulf of St. Lawrence (Zone 12). The season for 2013 will start in March and last until June 2013.Snow Crab is available in brine frozen sections or clusters.
Cluster Size: 3 – 5 oz 5 – 8 oz 8 – 10 oz 10 oz+

Leucoraja ocellata

The Winter skate is caught in large mesh gill nets on day boats. It is landed and frozen on the same day.


Yellow Conch

The Yellow conch season starts in April when the sea water temperature reaches 6 to 8 degree C. At this temperature the conch start to move around to feed and are caught in the pots. The Spring fishery will run until July when the sea water temperature is 16 to 18 degrees C. The Spring fishery seems to land a higher percentage of XXL and XL conch. The fall fishery starts in September and goes until the snow flies in December. The yellow conch are harvested in the coastal waters of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Catching zone is FAO 21.

Buccinum undatum

The whelk are an in shore fishery in the coastal waters off Long Island, New York (FAO zone 21). Fishing in 20 to 30 meters of water depth. They soak the pots for 2 – 3 days at a time. The whelk are live when they are landed and live when they are processed and cooked.